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Target In-Market Accounts: Unmasking anonymous website visitor

Oct 11, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Do you know how to effectively target in-market accounts and unmask anonymous website visitors? If not, well, you are not alone. According to recent insights, 97% of website traffic is anonymous and you are just interacting with the remaining 3% of them who have either subscribed to your services or booked a meeting. 

We are hosting an enlightening session with Mudit Airan, Head of Product at Sprouts, who will unveil the strategies that can help you effectively target in-market accounts and explore the potential of anonymous website visitors.

Here’s what you’ll gain in this 30-minute session:

  • Understanding Anonymous Website Visitors
  • Best Practices for Targeting In-Market Accounts
  • Tools and Techniques for Unmasking Anonymous Visitors
  • Importance of data privacy and compliance
  • Emerging trends in the field of identifying and targeting in-market accounts
  • Strategies for Prioritizing Anonymous Visitors

Mark your calendars and reserve your spot now!