Sourcewiz Success Story: 3X Efficiency Powering 90% Growth

Sourcewiz is a pioneering platform providing innovative solutions to digitize workflows and optimize business management. Central to its offerings is cutting-edge vertical sales software crafted exclusively for exporters. This software empowers exporters to effectively showcase their unique creations, expanding their reach, generating inquiries, and boosting sales conversion.

Sourcewiz revolutionizes the catalog creation process with smart filters, allowing exporters to curate catalogs based on color, construction, design, or material. The platform goes beyond traditional sales tools by offering insights into buyer behavior, including log-ins, viewing history, and location, enabling exporters to tailor their strategies for maximum impact.


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Account Data Shared Per Month

Challenges Faced by Sourcewiz Revenue Team

Data Points Dilemma

Sourcewiz faced a significant challenge in acquiring comprehensive data points for their customer prospecting. The complexity arose from working with multiple tools, which did not seamlessly integrate thereby complicating the process of gathering essential information for effective lead identification.

Event Data Overload

Sourcewiz's active participation in numerous events posed a unique challenge in managing exhibitor data. The overwhelming volume of accounts listed on event websites created a time-consuming hurdle in extracting relevant and actionable information.

Navigating the US Go-To-Market (GTM)

The intricacies of entering and navigating the U.S. market presented a significant hurdle for Sourcewiz. Crafting a successful Go-To-Market strategy required a nuanced understanding of the region's dynamics, which was not an area of expertise for the company.

Lead Uncovering Struggles

Sourcewiz encountered difficulties in consistently uncovering promising leads, resulting in a series of turn-downs. The inconsistency in lead generation hampered the effectiveness of their outbound marketing efforts.

Timing Is Everything

Contacting prospects too late emerged as a critical challenge as well. The company faced instances where opportunities slipped away by mere days, emphasizing the need for a more timely and proactive approach to engaging potential clients.

Quantifying Marketing Impact

Sourcewiz grappled with the challenge of quantifying the impact of its outbound marketing initiatives. Without a robust method for measuring success, the company found it challenging to assess the effectiveness of its strategies and refine them for optimal results.

The Sprouts Solution

Comprehensive Data Gathering

In addressing the data point challenge, Sprouts implemented a solution that involved leveraging multiple platforms. This Sprouts 360-degree approach ensured maximum touchpoints on targeted buyer personas by collecting crucial information such as emails, LinkedIn profiles, and phone numbers. The result was a unified and comprehensive dataset for more precise prospecting.

Event Data Scraping Expertise

Recognizing the complexities of managing exhibitor data from numerous events, Sprouts provided a solution by:

  • Actively engaging in data scraping across events.
  • Focused approach on around 10 events and counting, the team scraped target accounts,
  • Provided Sourcewiz with Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and buyer persona-matched data.
  • Defined the process for successful pre and post-event campaigns.

Strategic Go-To-Market (GTM) Guidance

Sprouts’ core expertise in setting up GTM motion for the US proved fruitful for Sourcewiz. By formulating a tailored Go-To-Market strategy, Sprouts empowered Sourcewiz to navigate the U.S. business landscape effectively. The collaborative efforts resulted in the successful closure of six new accounts.

Empowering Cold Calling Conversions

Recognizing the significance of cold calling in Sourcewiz's conversion strategy, Sprouts provided accurate and targeted data. This empowered Sourcewiz to conduct highly effective cold-calling campaigns, ensuring that the majority of their conversions were powered by precise and actionable information.

Results Achieved

To address the challenge of timely prospect contact, Sprouts introduced real-time engagement triggers or sequences. These triggers reduced turnaround time in reaching out to hot leads, ensuring that Sourcewiz could seize opportunities promptly and avoid missing out on potential business by mere days.

Increased Meetings and High Open Rates

The implementation of Sprouts' solutions led to Sourcewiz securing an impressive 30 meetings per month with a consistent open rate of 50% or higher. This demonstrated the effectiveness of the refined data-gathering and engagement strategies.

Enhanced Data Sharing for Increased Outreach

Sprouts' data-sharing capabilities played a crucial role in expanding Sourcewiz's reach. The team receives highly relevant 1900 accounts & 6000 prospect data monthly from Sprouts. This facilitated a more targeted outreach, contributing to the overall success of Sourcewiz's engagement and acquisition strategies.

US GTM Success and Account Closures

The tailored Go-To-Market strategy for the U.S. market bore fruit, with the successful closure of 6 new accounts. The strategic guidance provided by Sprouts founders Avinash & Karan played a pivotal role in Sourcewiz's expansion into the U.S. region.

Event Execution Excellence

The scraping expertise and data provided by Sprouts contributed to the successful execution of 10 events. This resulted in an impressive average of 40 meetings booked per event, showcasing the efficiency and impact of the event-centric approach.

Efficiency Gains and Reduced SDR/BDR Efforts

Sprouts' solutions led to a 3x reduction in the time and efforts expended by Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Business Development Representatives (BDRs). This efficiency gain allowed the team to focus on more strategic and high-impact activities, maximizing their productivity.

Drastic Drop in Spam Rates and Enhanced Domain Health

Utilizing verified and cleaned data from Sprouts resulted in a significant reduction in spam rates. This not only improved the overall domain health for Sourcewiz but also contributed to a more effective and targeted outreach.

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