D&B Hoovers: Exploring The Powerful B2B Sales Intelligence Solution

22 May, 2024 6 Mins Read

D&B Hoovers has emerged as a powerful  sales acceleration solution packed with insight. Let’s explore its key offerings in detail. 

Overview of D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers equips sales and marketing professionals with the intelligence they need to close deals faster and achieve sustainable growth. Here’s how it empowers your success:

  • Quality Leads & Deep Company Insights: Tap into the world’s largest commercial data cloud, boasting over 170 million business records and advanced analytics. Generate high-quality leads and gain in-depth company profiles to understand your target accounts and key decision-makers.
  • Strategic Lead Targeting Made Easy: Build laser-focused lead lists with D&B Hoovers’ powerful search functionalities. Utilize dynamic lists that automatically update to keep you connected with the latest qualified prospects, ensuring you’re always targeting the right audience.
  • Fuel Prospecting Efforts: Go beyond basic contact information. Access comprehensive intelligence including company profiles, industry analysis, financial reports, and valuable buyer intent data. Personalize your sales pitch for maximum impact and resonate with your target audience.
  • Boost Sales Productivity & Stay Informed: Monitor developments for key accounts and stay ahead of the curve. Receive real-time trigger alerts, news updates, and custom notifications to keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Seamless Integrations for Streamlined Workflow: Effortlessly integrate D&B Hoovers with your existing marketing automation platform (MAP) or CRM system like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Marketo, and Eloqua. Facilitate easy data discovery and adoption within your existing workflows.

Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

D&B Hoovers offers two main pricing options:

  1. Monthly Plan: Priced at $49/month, this plan provides 150 Company Credits.
  2. Annual Plan: Priced at $529/year, the annual plan offers 1800 Company Credits. Users can purchase extra credits if needed.
  • Plan tiers: D&B Hoovers offers three tiers of service: Essentials, Audience Builder, and D&B Hoovers Pro. The plans increase in price and features as you move up in tiers.
  • Essentials: This plan is ideal for individual salespeople and costs $49 per month. It includes basic features like company and contact data, mobile and direct phone access, list upload, and website content search.
  • Audience Builder: This plan is ideal for sales teams and costs an undisclosed amount. It includes all the features of Essentials, plus news and trigger alerts, competitive insights, and corporate families.
  • D&B Hoovers Pro: This plan is ideal for marketing and RevOps teams and costs an undisclosed amount. It includes all the features of Audience Builder, plus analyst research, buyer intent data, advanced financial insights, technology insights, CRM connectors, market visualizations and segmentation analytics, marketing platform connectors, visitor intelligence, and 1st-party data integrations.

Additional Considerations:

  • Free trial: D&B Hoovers does not offer a free trial, but they do offer a free consultation.
  • Contract length: The contract length for D&B Hoovers is not listed on their website.

Who can benefit from D&B Hoovers?

D&B Hoovers can be a valuable tool for anyone involved in B2B sales and marketing.  Salespeople can leverage its deep company profiles and contact information for efficient prospecting. Marketing teams can utilize its audience building features and buyer intent data for targeted campaigns. The financial and technology insights empower strategic decision-making across both departments. Overall, D&B Hoovers empowers businesses to identify the right opportunities, engage with qualified leads, and ultimately achieve growth.

Why Choose D&B Hovvers?

D&B Hoovers empowers B2B sales and marketing with unmatched data depth, actionable buyer insights, and a user-friendly platform. This translates to targeted outreach, streamlined workflows, and data-driven decisions that fuel business growth.

Common Challenges with  D&B Hovvers

  • Data Accuracy:  A significant challenge with D&B Hoovers can be data accuracy, with reports suggesting up to a third of leads/contacts might have outdated or incorrect information. This necessitates verification, especially for private companies, to avoid wasted outreach efforts.
  • Limited Free Features:  D&B Hoovers offers a free tier with basic functionality, but accessing in-depth data and advanced features requires a paid subscription. This can limit its usefulness for businesses with tight budgets.
  • Complexity of Higher Tiers:  While higher tiers offer more features, they can become complex for users unfamiliar with business intelligence platforms. Navigating advanced search options and data analysis tools might require training or experience.
  • Integration Challenges: Integrating D&B Hoovers with existing CRM or marketing automation tools can be complex. This may require technical expertise or support from both platforms to ensure seamless data flow.
  • Time Commitment:  Building targeted prospect lists and leveraging D&B Hoovers’ full potential requires ongoing research and analysis. This might add a time commitment for busy sales and marketing teams.

Here are three alternative companies to consider, along with a comparison table based on their G2 ratings:

ZoomInfo: ZoomInfo is a comprehensive B2B contact database and sales intelligence platform. It provides accurate company and contact information, helping sales and marketing teams identify potential leads and prospects.

Key Features include:

  • ZoomInfo provides an all-in-one solution for sales and marketing teams. It unites data, insights, and outreach capabilities.
  • Real-time insights backed by accurate data. Discover your next ideal customers efficiently.
  • Lets you connect with customers across channels—email, phone, LinkedIn, and more—using a single platform.
  • Automates tasks to simplify your tech stack and scale faster.

Lead411: Lead411 offers a B2B sales intelligence platform that focuses on providing verified company data, contact information, and lead generation tools.

Sales Intelligence data points include:

  • Recently Funded Companies
  • New Company Location
  • IPO Announcement
  • Hiring Plans
  • Job Openings
  • New Employee Hire
  • New Executive Employee Hire
  • New Employee Promotion
  • Company Awards and More

Sprouts.ai: Sprouts.ai is an autonomous, efficient, and intelligent martech platform for B2B companies. It replaces the inefficient process of buying and deploying multiple siloed GTM (Go-To-Market) solutions. 

Key features include:

  • Advanced ICP filters empower you to achieve over 85% accuracy for ICP identification.
  • Access real-time updated 200 million contacts and 20 million company records from 40+ data sources.
  • Identify companies interested in your solutions browsing your website.
  • AI-powered account scoring for efficient outreach and increased qualified sales pipeline.
  • Advanced and automated outreach via email, SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.
Product / RatingG2
ZoomInfo 4.4 / 5
D&B Hoovers 4.0 / 5
Lead411 4.5 / 5
Sprouts.ai4.8 / 5

Is D&B Hoovers Worth the Investment in 2024?

When comparing it to its competitors, it’s essential to consider various factors such as pitfalls, features, user interface, and customer support. While D&B Hoovers offers an array of solutions, alternatives like Sprouts AI and Salesforce Sales Cloud may provide additional benefits that could be more aligned with your unique business goals.