LinkedIn in 2024: 19 Moves to Master Your Personal Brand (and Go Viral!) 

18 January, 2024 3 Mins Read

As the social media space boomed, everyone seized the opportunity to build their personal brand and grow a sustainable business. With over 875 million members and 310 million monthly active users, LinkedIn has become a breeding ground for personal branding, especially for entrepreneurs. But standing out in such a crowded space can be challenging. So, in 2024, let’s explore the 20 best ways to increase the chances of standing out in the most crowded virtual room in the world.

Beyond the Regular Workflow:

  • Stories: Share daily snippets, tips, and insights like Instagram, but professionally or not (depending upon the tone of your brand)! Engage and build a closer connection.
  • Polls: Gauge industry sentiment, gather feedback, and spark conversations. Get audience insights and tailor your content.

Content Needs be the King:

  • Product Pages: B2B sellers can now be delighted! There are dedicated product pages to add credibility and attract potential clients.
  • Content Analytics: Track engagement and audience demographics. Fine-tune your content strategy based on accurate data.
  • Creator Mode: Let your content be the honey that attracts followers, not just connections, to expand your reach beyond the unreachable audience.

Make a Memorable First Impression:

  • Cover Story: Craft a video elevator pitch, like a Marvel movie, that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impact.
  • Pronouns & Pronunciation: Inclusivity matters. Show respect and build a diverse audience for your product or service, which can benefit everyone.

Boost Your Credibility:

  • Skills Assessments: Prove your expertise with third-party validation. Add credibility and trust.
  • LinkedIn Newsletter: Share in-depth content, build community, and position yourself as a thought leader who becomes the beacon of knowledge in the industry.

Network, Network, Network:

  • LinkedIn Events: Host virtual or in-person events, share expertise, and build valuable connections.
  • Conversation Ads: Send personalized messages directly to potential clients or collaborators. 

Smooth Sailing Workflow:

  • Lead Gen Forms: Simplify data collection with pre-filled forms, increasing conversions and efficiency for follow-ups.
  • Dynamic Ads: Personalize ads in real-time based on user profiles to boost engagement and reach.

Creativity is your Best Friend:

  • Video Ads: Tell your brand story dynamically and engagingly to make a memorable impact that gets ingrained in their subconscious.
  • Carousel Ads: Showcase multiple products or tell a story slide by slide to capture attention and convey complex messages.

Polish Your Profile:

  • Featured Section & Articles: Highlight your best work and project work showcasing your field expertise.
  • Recommendations & Endorsements: Social proof is gold! Get glowing testimonials and skill endorsements and increase your trust value in the market. People usually prefer someone who has gained massive trust in the crowd.

Expand out of your Comfort Zone:

  • InMail: Connect with anyone on LinkedIn, even outside your virtual borders, by contacting industry leaders and potential collaborators.

Stay Ahead of the Crowd:

  • New Features: Adopt new tools such as Learning Coach and Accelerate for Marketing, gain valuable insights, and optimize your branding efforts.

Remember, these tips are just a launchpad. As the LinkedIn journey is navigated, new approaches will emerge. Refining the personal brand is an ongoing dance with the platform’s ever-evolving features. And the heart of it all? The captivating content that is shared. So, step onto the LinkedIn stage, tell the story, and watch the professional network ignite!