What to Expect from AI in 2024 

18 January, 2024 5 Mins Read

AI is no longer a picture of the future; this is now a solid fact. And while some may be alarmed, we see a different vision where AI helps us to achieve more, enhance our talents, and open up possibilities we never dared to even imagine. So, it’s time to let the fear take a backseat and get ready to accept AI as a best friend in 2024. Buckle up, It will be a wild ride.

1. Industry-specific AI Integration:

By 2024, organizations will tailor generative AI to their specific needs. For example, banks use simulated data for stress testing & scenario analysis, healthcare providers create personalized treatment plans, and manufacturers optimize products through AI simulations. For example – Fintech companies can use AI to analyze customer data and personalize loan offerings, predict churn, and automate fraud detection. E-commerce platforms can recommend products based on user behavior, and HR software can use AI to match candidates with job openings. 

2. AI creates jobs, not eliminates them:

The fear of AI displacing jobs will slowly fade away, making way for AI-driven job creation. Prompt Engineering, skills that are focused on harnessing the power of AI, will be in high demand. AI will be a helper, helping individuals at all levels to work smartly and more efficiently. Let’s look at 2 use cases – Customer service teams that can use AI chatbots to handle basic inquiries, freeing up human agents for more complex issues, and creating new roles for overseeing and improving chatbot interactions. Marketing teams can use AI to generate targeted content and automate social media campaigns, requiring skills in interpreting and optimizing AI outputs

3. Responsible marketing takes precedence:

As AI has enhanced marketing efforts over the past year, the need for responsible behavior will be reinforced. SAS recommends “model cards,” which increase transparency in AI algorithms and reduce the risk of bias creeping in. Regardless of technology, every trader will have a role to play in ensuring that AI is used fairly and ethically. Here is a use case – Lead generation software can use AI to identify ideal customer profiles and personalize outreach, ensuring transparency and avoiding discriminatory practices. Sales enablement platforms can use AI to analyze customer interactions and suggest talking points, helping salespeople avoid bias and focus on relevant data.

4. The Dark Ages of Fraud Require AI Security:

With AI enabling fraud, banks and credit unions need to level up their efforts. Regulatory changes are forcing them to accept AI solutions to combat sophisticated fraud. Fighting fraud will be a defined battlefield for financial institutions in 2024. Now, Cloud security platforms can use AI to detect anomalies and potential breaches in real time, safeguarding sensitive customer data. Supply chain management software can use AI to identify fraudulent transactions and prevent cyberattacks on logistics systems.

5. Shadow AI emerges, challenging CIOs:

“Shadow AI” refers to artificial intelligence systems and applications used or developed within an organization without official authorization or supervision from the IT department or management. It’s like a hidden backwater of AI usage, operating in the shadows beyond the control and visibility of those responsible for governing AI within the organization. In 2024, the deliberate use of such AI tools will become a reality. CIOs will be faced with balancing innovation and risk management, deciding how much “shadow AI” to adopt and what guardrails to use.

6. Multimodal AI and AI Simulation Push Limitations:

Adding text, images, and audio to AI models will open up new possibilities out there. People can now create 3D objects for immersive experiences or create digital pairs of complex systems for real-time enhancements. B2B companies can leverage this to develop AI-powered product demos, personalized training materials, or even interactive marketing campaigns that engage customers on a deeper level. This is the future of AI, and 2024 will be a year of massive growth beyond imagination.

7. Digital-Twin Adoption Takes Flight:

The combination of AI and IoT in promoting digital twins will greatly be felt. Using smart grid technologies like these virtual replicas of physical systems such as factories and smart cities will allow for a real-time analytical and optimized approach thereby leading to more efficient, better quality, and sustainable output.

8. Government Leverages AI to Bridge Talent Gaps:

Governments will have no choice but to use AI to attract and retain talented people. This will enable them to automate tasks, compensate for the insufficiency of the labor force, and increase production.

10. Generative AI Bolsters Patient Care:

There will be increasing application of individualized medicine underpinned by AI in the healthcare sector.B2B solutions can expect to see a surge in demand for tools that analyze vast datasets to predict individual responses to medications and therapies, leading to more effective and targeted care, platforms that streamline the drug discovery process, reduce misdiagnosis, provide personalized plans, monitor vital signs, and even schedule appointments, provide coaching tools that help patients manage chronic conditions, improve their diet and exercise habits, and make informed healthcare decisions.

11. AI Deployment Requires Deliberate Strategy:

A stark prediction for 2024: an insurance company adopted AI technology too quickly for claims processing in 2023. This led to over-reliance on automation and a lack of ethical considerations, resulting in the company’s collapse in 2024. The incident warns against hasty AI adoption and highlights the importance of careful deployment with ethical oversight to prevent such disasters.

There it is, folks; AI won’t steal your lunch money or orchestrate robot rebellions. Instead, it’s here to be your data-driven aid, the most noteworthy decision-making partner. AI is here to cut through the noise, exposing flaws in assumptions and illuminating paths to success. Jobs will evolve, and new opportunities will blossom for everyone ready to accept this new reality. So, welcome to the AI era; sharpen your creativity, nurture your growth, and become the masters of this powerful tool because it’s here to stay. So, we might as well walk towards the metamorphosis.