How Sprouts helped Finsire increase their MQLs & SQLs by 200%

Finsire is developing a digital infrastructure for financial assets and information that includes identification, verification, secured credit, and the use of artificial intelligence. They serve as an infra-tech repository for these services.


Growth in Sales Pipeline


Increase in MQLs & SQLs


Increase in Response Rates

Challenges faced by Finsire revenue team

Scaling Outreach Efforts

Finsire encountered an extensive challenge in expanding its outreach strategies. The company aimed to reach a wider audience and diversify its customer base. However, managing and harnessing data from multiple databases posed a significant obstacle. The need to navigate through diverse sources to gather comprehensive information for effective outreach efforts became a complex and time-consuming task for their team.

Identifying Active Prospects within the Ideal Customer Profile

Although Finsire had a well-defined ideal customer profile, identifying which accounts were actively seeking their financial services proved to be a major complication. Without robust tools to pinpoint and focus on these active accounts, their marketing and sales teams faced difficulties in prioritizing their efforts, resulting in cost & manpower effort inefficiencies, an increase in the cost of acquisition, and missed opportunities.

Alignment on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

The lack of a unified strategy and alignment on how Account-Based Marketing (ABM) should function between the sales and marketing teams was a challenge. This led to discrepancies in targeting potential clients, thereby affecting the overall effectiveness of their campaigns.

Tracking the Complete Buyer Journey

Finsire struggled with tracking and understanding the complete buyer journey of potential customers. The absence of tools to trace and analyze each touchpoint of a prospect’s interaction with the company’s digital assets restricted their ability to refine and enhance the user experience effectively.

Insufficient Customer Data for Targeted Campaigns

The company faced limitations due to insufficient customer data. Inadequate information on their client base hindered Finsire’s ability to craft targeted campaigns that resonate with their audience, impacting the overall effectiveness of their marketing and sales strategies.

The Sprouts Solution

Access to Multiple Databases for Comprehensive Insights

Sprouts provided Finsire with the ability to leverage data from multiple databases effectively.

  • Multi-level information on accounts
  • Simplifying the process of gathering comprehensive and varied data 
  • Targeted approach in their outreach efforts

Website Tracking Analytics for Enhanced Understanding of Buyer Journey

Leveraging Sprouts, Finsire gained a holistic view of the entire account journey on their website. They were able to:

  • Deanonymized website visitors for detailed tracking
  • Empowered the marketing team to analyze each stage of the buyer journey
  • Used insights to refine marketing campaigns
  • Optimized landing pages based on the analysis
  • Enhanced the overall user experience

This resulted in more effective engagement with potential clients.

Data Scraping and Acquisition for Enhanced Insights

Sprouts enabled Finsire to access valuable data from various sources by following this 3-step process: 

  • Scraped event data for comprehensive insights
  • Mined social community groups, including LinkedIn
  • Extracted pertinent data related to NBFC penetration from RBI

This diversified data acquisition strategy significantly enriched Finsire’s understanding of its market and potential customer base.

Account-Based Approach and Personalized Messaging

Sprouts advocated for and supported Finsire’s adoption of an account-based approach. This approach involved personalizing messaging at scale, ensuring that their marketing and sales efforts were more targeted and tailored to the specific needs and behaviors of individual accounts. This personalization strategy significantly improved the resonance and effectiveness of their outreach.

Alignment and Collaboration between Sales and Marketing Teams

Through Sprouts, Finsire successfully established better alignment and collaboration between their sales and marketing teams. This alignment was crucial in:

  • Developing a unified strategy and approach
  • Ensuring that both teams were working towards common objectives
  • Improving overall efficiency and effectiveness

Optimizing Campaigns for Increased Conversion Rates

Sprouts assisted Finsire in optimizing their campaigns across multiple touchpoints. This optimization significantly increased conversion rates and engagement, leading to a more efficient use of resources and a higher likelihood of turning prospects into customers.

Results Achieved

Increased Meeting Bookings

With the implementation of Sprouts’ strategies, Finsire successfully booked over 60 meetings in a span of 2 months. This substantial increase in meetings demonstrated a heightened level of engagement and interest from prospects.

Enterprise Customer Acquisitions

Within 1 month, Finsire managed to close deals with three enterprise-level customers. This success was a direct result of the strategies implemented with the help of Sprouts, showcasing the effectiveness of the new approach.

Enhanced Outreach and 4x Response Rates

Collaborating with Sprouts and leveraging their Go-To-Market (GTM) expertise, Finsire achieved a remarkable 4x increase in their response rates. This improvement in outreach demonstrated the successful scaling of their engagement efforts.

40% Growth in Sales Pipeline

In comparison to the previous quarter, Finsire observed an impressive 40% growth in their sales pipeline. The strategies and tools employed by Sprouts led to an increased number of potential business opportunities.

200% Increase in MQL and SQL

The collaboration with Sprouts resulted in a notable 200% increase in both Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). This remarkable surge in high-quality leads showcased the success of the initiatives in lead generation and conversion.

Improved Conversion Rates and Customer Acquisition

Finsire experienced an overall improvement in conversion rates, leading to a higher number of successful customer acquisitions. The optimization of their campaigns across various touchpoints contributed to this achievement.

Richer Insights and Data Utilization

Through Sprouts’ assistance, Finsire gained access to a more diverse and comprehensive set of data sources. This enriched data pool provided richer insights into the market and its potential customer base, allowing for more informed decision-making and targeted strategies.

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