Behind the Curtain of Qapita’s US GTM Success Powered by Sprouts

As a leading Software as a Service (SaaS)-based equity management platform, Qapita stands at the forefront of transformative innovation. The company is committed to empowering employee equity ownership, elevating governance standards, and enhancing financial reporting capabilities for companies at every stage of their growth journey. At the heart of its impact lies a sophisticated software solution designed to revolutionize the equity management landscape for startup across their lifecycle. Qapita's comprehensive platform automates critical processes, including CapTables, ESOPs, due diligence, and transactions, streamlining operations for greater efficiency.


Increase in Conversion Rate


Reduction in Tech Stack Cost


Increase in Lead Flow

Challenges Faced by Qapita

Predictable Lead Generations

Qapita grappled with the challenge of generating a sufficient volume of leads for their US Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy. The initial stages of the sales pipeline lacked the desired influx of potential customers, hindering the overall momentum of their growth initiatives.

Lead Quality Issues

Compounding the lead generation challenge was the issue of lead quality. The leads sourced did not meet the stringent criteria for quality, resulting in a diminished impact on the subsequent stages of the sales funnel. 

Low Conversion Rates

The conversion rates from leads to meaningful engagements, such as meetings or sales, were alarmingly low. Improving conversion rates became a focal point for addressing this specific challenge.

Team Size 

Qapita’s SDR & BDR teams encountered challenges stemming from both inadequate numbers and efficiency. The team’s size was insufficient to match the demands of a dynamic market.

Strategy and Implementation

The existing strategies and implementation processes of the SDR/BDR team were falling short of yielding the desired results. Qapita recognized the necessity for a strategic overhaul, ensuring that the team’s efforts were aligned with industry best practices and optimized for success in the competitive landscape.

Limited Tech Stack for Hot Leads

Qapita faced limitations in its technological infrastructure, specifically concerning the engagement and conversion of hot leads. The absence of a comprehensive tech stack hindered their ability to effectively manage and nurture potential opportunities. Enhancing the tech stack became a priority to capitalize on hot leads and streamline the conversion process. 

The Sprouts Solution

Revamped US GTM Strategy

Sprouts collaborated with Qapita to completely overhaul their US Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy. The revamp addressed crucial aspects such as lead generation, lead quality improvement, and an overall increase in conversion rates. This strategic enhancement aimed to provide Qapita with a more robust foundation for engaging and converting potential customers in the highly competitive US market.

Targeted Campaign Execution

In conjunction with the strategic overhaul, Sprouts executed targeted campaigns designed to address specific pain points identified in Qapita’s GTM strategy. These campaigns were tailored to resonate with the target audience, effectively positioning Qapita as a solution provider for the challenges faced by their potential customers. 

Combining Multiple Databases

Qapita adopted the Sprouts platform to leverage multiple databases and create a unified data lake. This aimed to enhance the depth and quality of customer data, providing Qapita with a comprehensive understanding of its target audience. The unified data lake became a valuable resource for personalized engagement and targeted marketing strategies.

AI-Powered Intelligence Layer Implementation

Sprouts introduced an AI-powered intelligence layer to Qapita’s enriched customer profiles. This layer added a sophisticated level of insight and analysis, enabling Qapita to understand customer behavior, preferences, and potential needs on a deeper level. The implementation of AI-driven intelligence was of the essence in creating more meaningful and personalized interactions with their audience.

Smart Visitor Identification Through Bombora 

Sprouts has partnered with Bombora for smart visitor identification technology. This enabled Qapita to unveil the identities of website visitors without relying on explicit interactions. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and data analysis, Qapita could identify and gather information about companies or individuals exploring their website, providing a more comprehensive view of potential prospects.

Intent Discover with Clearbit 

The denonymization process facilitated precise prospecting and targeting. By understanding the specific characteristics and behaviors of website visitors, Qapita could tailor their outreach strategies to resonate with the identified profiles. This personalized approach significantly increased the effectiveness of their prospecting efforts and improved the overall quality of leads.

Utilization of Sprouts’ Capabilities

Qapita leveraged Sprouts’ capabilities to identify demand signals from potential customers. The platform’s advanced features enabled Qapita to discern patterns of interest and intent, providing valuable insights into the needs and preferences of their target audience.

Strategic Targeting Based on Intent

Armed with the insights gained through intent discovery, Qapita developed targeted strategies to engage with accounts showing interest in specific topics related to their offerings. This strategic targeting ensured that Qapita could align their outreach efforts with the immediate needs and concerns of potential customers, increasing the likelihood of meaningful engagements.

ABM-Focused Training Sessions

Sprouts conducted comprehensive training sessions for Qapita’s SDRs, focusing on the nuances of acing ABM. These sessions equipped the team with a strategic mindset, emphasizing personalized approaches to engage with high-value accounts and enhance overall conversion rates.

Cold Calling Scripts and Platform Onboarding

Sprouts played a key role in enhancing the efficiency of Qapita’s SDR/BDR team by providing tailored cold-calling scripts and facilitating platform onboarding. 

Results Achieved

10x Increase in Meetings Booked

The implementation of Sprouts’ solutions led to a remarkable increase in meetings booked, doubling the number within just two months. This showcased an impressive growth rate and a substantial improvement in Qapita’s ability to engage with potential clients.

33% Increase in Conversion Rate

Qapita experienced a notable 33% increase in conversion rates, indicating a more effective and streamlined lead-to-sales conversion process. The strategic enhancements and targeted campaigns had a direct impact on the efficiency of the conversion funnel.

Lead Flow Boost

Addressing the initial challenge of insufficient leads, the integrated approach resulted in a doubling of lead flow. Qapita successfully overcame the challenge of inadequate lead generation, ensuring a more robust and consistent influx of potential customers.

3X Increase in SDR/BDR Efficiency

The efficiency of Qapita’s SDR/BDR team improved by a remarkable 3X. The combination of strategic training, refined processes, and Sprouts’ technology integration significantly enhanced the team’s productivity and effectiveness in prospecting and engagement.

54% Increase in Demos Booked

Running multi-sequence campaigns with website links, resulted in a noteworthy 54% increase in demos booked directly from the website. This demonstrated the tangible impact of personalized and targeted marketing efforts, showcasing the effectiveness of the integrated approach in driving meaningful customer engagement. 




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