Target the right accounts at the right time


AI-powered advanced ICP analysis

Understand your ICP

Finding your ICP is not always as straightforward as you'd assume; there are hundreds of variables that you need to consider. Sprouts' AI-powered ICP analysis helps you bind every bit of relevant information and use it to discover and refine your ICP, guaranteeing more than 85% accuracy.

Advanced buyer persona filters

Uncover the nuances of your ideal customers, from their industry and company size to their pain points and aspirations with an unmatched level of precision. Create hyper-focused strategies that power 10x conversions.

30+ Advanced TAL filters

Our advanced TAL filters provide you with a laser-focused approach to dissecting your TAM. Refine your target market by geographical location, industry vertical, technographic data, and more. Ensure your efforts are channeled into areas where they are most likely to yield results.

ICP behavioural insights

Leverage AI-powered predictive insights to anticipate your ICP's future needs and behaviors. Receive actionable recommendations that guide your marketing and sales efforts, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and maintain a strong sales funnel.

Create highly-targeted account lists

Identify your ICP's behaviour

Purchase history: What products or services is your target audience buying, and how frequently?

Keyword search: What keywords are they searching for?

Engagement with marketing campaigns: How do they interact with your content? Do they click on ads, or attend webinars?

Website behaviour: What pages do they visit, and how long do they stay?

Social media interactions: Are they active on social platforms, and how do they engage with brands?

Competitor analysis: Are they engaging with your competitors, and what is the primary source of their engagement?

Detect purchase patterns

Buying triggers: What factors prompt your prospects to make a purchasing decision?

Buying cycle: How long does it take your ICP to move from initial consideration to making a purchase?

Classify key decision-makers

Job title: Know the specific role of your prospects within their organization.

Responsibilities: Identify the tasks and challenges are they responsible for addressing.

Decision-making authority: Classify prospects based on their authority to make purchasing decisions.

Challenges your ICP face

Pain points: Identify the exact challenges your prospects face in their businesses and offer customized solutions to target each of their pain points.

Goals and objectives: Understand what business goals and objectives your ICP is striving to achieve, and develop tailored campaigns.

Obstacles to success: Analyze market strategies to figure out what works and what doesn't in your ICP's operative domain.

Discover technology stack

Tech stack: Know the tools, software, or technology platforms your ICPs use in their business operations.

Software preferences: Understand if your ICPs are early adopters of technology, or if they prefer established solutions.

Understand org dynamics

Industry: Understand the unique needs and trends shaping the industry ecosystem.

Company size: Tailor solutions to accommodate the diverse structures and capacities of businesses.

Revenue & funding: Customize offerings to align with financial capabilities and investment strategies.

Geographic location: Adapt strategies to suit the cultural, economic, and regulatory nuances of different regions.