Account View-Through Rate (aVTR)

Account View-Through Rate (aVTR) is a key metric in the realm of digital advertising that provides insights into the impact of display or video ads on user behaviour beyond immediate clicks. Unlike Click-Through Rate (CTR), which measures the percentage of users who clicked on an ad, aVTR focuses on those who saw the ad and subsequently took action on the advertiser’s website or other digital channels.

To calculate aVTR, you measure the number of users who were exposed to an ad (i.e., viewed it) and then later visit the advertiser’s website or landing page, expressed as a percentage. This metric is particularly relevant for display and video campaigns, where immediate clicks may not be the primary goal, but brand awareness and later conversions matter.

A high aVTR indicates that your ad exposure is influencing user behavior positively. It implies that users are engaging with your brand after encountering your ad, even if they didn’t click on it. This could involve visiting your website, conducting searches related to your products or services, or engaging with your social media profiles.

aVTR is valuable for assessing the effectiveness of your branding efforts and understanding how well your ad campaigns are resonating with your target audience, driving them to take desired actions. It complements other metrics like CTR and Conversion Rate to provide a more comprehensive view of your advertising performance. By analyzing aVTR, advertisers can refine their creative strategies and optimize their campaigns for better overall results.